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BBB Grade 30 Anchor Chain
Although not as strong as the G4, ACCO’s Grade 30 BBBchain (3B) also runs well on many windlasses for a lesser price.

Cat. No. AC60802F
Weight 650 lbs

High Tensile Grade 43 (G43) Chain
ACCO’s Grade 40 (G4) hot-galvanized, high-tensile has become an industry standard, combining high strength in a short-link chain that runs easily in anchor windlass gypsies.

Cat. No. AC41002F
Weight 700 lbs

Stainless Steel (sized as G43)
ISO-specification 316 Stainless Steel anchor chain in a variety of sizes.

Cat. No. AC80402F
Weight 600 lbs

Sullivan Grade 30 Hot Dipped Galvanized Chain
Hot Dipped Galvanized Chain (grade 30)

Cat. No. SULL
Weight 2 lbs

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