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BBB Grade 30 Anchor Chain
Cat. No. AC60802F
Weight 650 lbs

Although not as strong as the G4, ACCO’s Grade 30 BBBchain (3B) also runs well on many windlasses for a lesser price. Available by the foot from 3/16" - 3/8"; in half-drums or full drums from 3/16" - 1/2".

Chain Size: 5/16"
Working Load: 1950 lbs.
Weight per 100': 118 lbs.
Std. Drum Length: 550 ft.
Drum Weight: 647 lbs.
Pricing Units: By the Drum
Weight: 649.000 lbs.

Chain Size: 3/8"
Working Load: 2750 lbs.
Weight per 100': 167 lbs.
Std. Drum Length: 400 ft.
Drum Weight: 668 lbs.
Pricing Units: By the Drum
Weight: 668.000 lbs.

Chain Size: 1/2"
Working Load: 4750 lbs.
Weight per 100': 287 lbs.
Std. Drum Length: 200 ft.
Drum Weight: 574 lbs.
Pricing Units: By the Drum
Weight: 574.000 lbs.

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