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Diesel Generators
KOHLER diesel marine generators are efficient, compact and deliver smooth power on demand. Kohler offers a diesel generator to handle nearly any load requirement.

Cat. No. K-DG

Gasoline Generators
Small in size, big on performance. KOHLERŽ 4 to 20 kW gasoline generators are perfect for both cruisers and sport boats.

Cat. No. K-GG

Kipor Power Solutions IG2000P
The IG2000P gives you more power with a compact portable design.

Cat. No. NTP-IG2000P
Weight 31 lbs

Kipor Power Solutions IG2600HP EPA
The Generator Power is equipped with a convenient retractable pull-pipe and handle assy. and rear wheels making it very easy to transport and move around the camp site. It also offers parallel accommodation.

Cat. No. NTP-19-2707
Weight 68 lbs

Low CO Emissions Generators
By eliminating the carburetor and introducing a new generator catalyst technology, Kohler offers a more environmentally friendly gasoline marine generator.

Cat. No. K-LcoEG

Marine Generator Accessories
Designed by Kohler engineers to maximize your generator's functionality, KOHLER generator accessories also maximize your boating enjoyment. From protection to performance enhancement, KOHLER generator accessories keep you covered on the water.

Cat. No. K-MGA

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