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Low CO Emissions Generators
Cat. No. K-LcoEG

The new low carbon monoxide KOHLER gasoline generators significantly reduce CO emissions by 99 percent, confirmed by both EPA emissions and Kohler reliability tests. KOHLER Low CO gasoline generators exceed both CARB and EPA standards for Co and HC + NOx emission levels, and because they incorporate the KOHLER Advanced Digital Control (ADC) and remote digital gauge, they are as easy to use as and they are clean on the environment. Featuring an electronic fuel injection system, KOHLER Low CO marine generators are also extremely fuel efficient, and are backed by the Kohler Power Systems warranty and global support network.

Standard  Features
Remote start 12-pin connector
Class H insulation
60/50 Hz capability
Voltage regulation of ±1.5%
RFI suppression
Voltage adjustability
Captive vibration isolation mounting system
CE certified Optional Accessories

Ship-to-shore transfer switch
Seawater strainer
Siphon break
Sound shield
Remote Digital Gauge

By eliminating the carburetor and introducing a new generator catalyst technology, Kohler offers a more environmentally friendly gasoline marine generator.

5 kW
7.5 kW
10 kW

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