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DHR40 LED Navigation Lights
Ideally suited for small and agile vessels because of its excellent visibility characteristics at high vertical angles.

Cat. No. DH400xxx
Weight 2 lbs

DHR60 LED Navigation Lights
Because of its excellent visibility characteristics and an integrated spare functionality, the DHR60 LED guarantees safety at sea in all weather conditions.

Cat. No. DH600xxx
Weight 2 lbs

DHR73 LED Signalling Lights
The DHR73 LED is a unique signalling light. Its multi-functional power supply can be connected to voltages ranging from 90 to 265VAC or 24VDC.

Cat. No. DHR73xxx
Weight 2 lbs

DHR80 LED Navigation Lights
Its modern, innovative and rugged design makes the DHR80 LED yet another standard in navigation lighting

Cat. No. DH800xxx
Weight 4 lbs

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