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DHR73 LED Signalling Lights
Cat. No. DHR73xxx
Weight 2 lbs

The DHR73 LED is a unique signalling light. Its multi-functional power supply can be connected to voltages ranging from 90 to 265VAC or 24VDC. Another distinctive feature is the possibility to configure the characteristics of the emitted light: continuous or four different flashing frequencies. The combination of these features makes the DHR73 extremely versatile. The use ofautomotive leds and high quality components assures the most robust and durable in its class. Interference noise does not occur and with a 50.000 hour lifetime it reduces expensive maintenance  costs to a minimum. Another example that DHR is the pioneer on advanced maritime signalling solutions.

-Chromated and powder coated seawater resistant
-POM insulation sleeves to prevent galvanic corrosion
-UV-Resistant borosilicate glass
-Epoxy potted power supply for maximum protection
-Easy to replace LEDs and power supply.

Power Supply: 90-265VAC or 24VDC
Lifetime: 50000 Hrs
Visibility: 2 NM - 5 NM
Operation Temperature: -25 to 55 ?C
Protection Class: IP67
Flashing Interval: 30 60 120 180 p/m

-General signalling purposes (e.g. Suez)
-Vessels with dangerous cargo
-Vessels carrying out work
-Vessels of emergency services
-Obstruction light


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