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Jim Buoy's Horseshoe Buoy
Features a tough, yellow vinyl coated nylon cover with heavy duty zipper over closed-cell plastic core.

Cat. No. BM-CJ 920
Weight 3 lbs

Jim Buoy's Corner Bumpers
Cal-June Corner Dock Bumpers

Cat. No. BM-CJ 5007
Weight 2 lbs

Jim Buoy's finest Horseshoe Buoy with built-in Sea Anchor
Jim Buoy's finest Horseshoe Buoy with built-in Sea Anchor

Cat. No. BM-CJ1020
Weight 3 lbs

Jim Buoy's Vinyl Dock Bumpers
hite vinyl manufactured with a generous overlap; a combination of beauty and strength

Cat. No. BM-CJ501X
Weight 3 lbs

Taylor Made Big B Fenders
Integral tube for end-to-end line passage. Molded-in ribs to minimize roll. High gloss finish.

Cat. No. BM-RMB
Weight 2 lbs

Taylor Made Hullgard Fenders
Special PVC formulation for softness, flexibility, and long life.

Cat. No. BM-TMH
Weight 1 lbs

Taylor Made Modular Flat Fenders
These long-lasting fenders won’t puncture or waterlog, saving you money in the long run.

Cat. No. BM TAY 314
Weight 4 lbs

Taylor Made Molded Dock Corner
Inside dimensions cover 6" each side. Made from the same tough PVC as Taylor Made dock extrusions.

Cat. No. BM TAY 46015
Weight 1 lbs

Taylor Made Small Commercial Guard Edge 10 in
Size: 10 ft. Heavy-duty, double-molded PVC dock edging.

Cat. No. BM TAY 46031
Weight 1 lbs

Taylor Made Tuff End Inflatable Vinyl Buoys
Heavy-duty seamless construction. Buoy ends made from solid injection molded vinyl tested to 2000 psi tensile strength

Cat. No. BM-TVB
Weight 2 lbs

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