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Horizon™ Claw Anchors
Cat. No. LEW-HCA
Weight 50 lbs

Remains stable even when tide and wind conditions change

Constructed of heat-treated high-tensile steel in a single-piece design that’s very effective in a variety of seabeds. It remains stable under a wide range of tide and wind conditions. Stows easily on a bow roller. Quick set and reset. Lifetime warranty against breakage.

  • Style: Bruce-Type non-hinged plow
  • Material: High-tensile steel
  • Application: Most bottom types
  • Pros: Inexpensive relative to similar designs. Quickly and reliably sets in most seabeds. High-strength one-piece design. Roll-stabilized.
  • Cons: Difficult to stow unless in rollers or chocks. Limited holding power in mud and soft sand.
  • Warranty: Lifetime guarantee against breakage
Description MFG Part #
Claw Anchor - 2.2lb, Boats To 12'  0057901
Claw Anchor - 4.4lb, Boats 13'-18'   0057902
Claw Anchor - 110lb, Boats 64-92'  0057950
Claw Anchor - 11lb, Boats 19-23'  0057905
Claw Anchor - 16.5lb, Boats 24-30'  0057907
Claw Anchor - 66lb, Boats 48-63'  0057930
Claw Anchor - 22lb, Boats 31-35'  0057910
Claw Anchor - 33lb, Boats 36-40'  0057915
Claw Anchor - 44lb, Boats 41-47'  0057920


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