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CQR Anchor
Cat. No. LEW-CQR
Weight 100 lbs

The legendary Lewmar plow anchor stays put, won't break

A favorite among bluewater cruisers for its strength and performance in a wide range of bottom conditions. Excellent penetration in sand, weeds, rocks and mud. Trouble-free anchor roller stowage. Attach a trip line to the eye on the horn for easy break-out. Hinged shank prevents breakout during wind shifts. Forged steel construction. Hot dip galvanized. Lifetime warranty against breakage.

  • Style: Hinged Plow
  • Material: Galvanized Steel
  • Application: Sand, Rock and Grass
  • Pros: Great reputation. Very strong construction. Stows easily on an anchor roller. Sets in most seabeds. Penetrates weeds, sand and mud. Hooks rocks.
  • Cons: Requires larger sizes for given boat size. Expensive
  • Warranty: Lifetime

Description MFG Part #
CQR Anchor - 35lb, Boats 26'-45'
CQR Anchor - 45lb, Boats 32'-58'
CQR Anchor - 60lb, Boats 45'-65'  0056508
CQR Anchor - 75lb, Boats 52'-72'  0056509
CQR Anchor - 105lb, Boats 70'-90'  0056510
CQR Anchor - 140lb, Boats 80'-90' 0056511
CQR Anchor - 180lb, Boats 90'-100' 0056513
CQR Anchor - 240lb, Boats 100'-105' 0056515
CQR Anchor - 300lb, Boats 105'-110' 0056530
CQR Anchor - 400lb, Boats 110'-115' 0056540
CQR Anchor - 500lb, Boats 115'-120' 0056550
 CQR Anchor - 600lb, Boats 120'-125'


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