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Fortress Marine Anch
Cat. No. FORT-FX
Weight 10 lbs

Lightweight, fast-setting and reliable, this anchor gets fan mail

Fortress anchors let you choose between two shank angles to provide outstanding holding power in two common seabed typesa 32° angle for sand, or a 45° angle for soft mud. Precisely machined interlocking components made from high tensile aluminum-magnesium alloy have no welds to weaken the metal. The alloy is extremely strong, corrosion-resistant, nonmagnetic and light. Fortress anchors disassemble for storage, are easier to handle and lighter on the bow than steel anchors.

  • Style: Pivoting Aluminum Fluke
  • Material: High tensile aluminum-magnesium alloy
  • Application: Sand and mud
  • Pros: Changeable shank/fluke angle for extremely high holding power in hard sand and soft mud. Lightweight and strong. Disassembles for storage.
  • Cons: Relatively expensive. Limited holding in grass, rocks or clay
  • Warranty: Lifetime parts replacement
Description MFG Part #
Fortress Anchor 4lb for Boats 16-27'  FX-7
Fortress Anchor 7lb for Boats 28-32'  FX-11
Fortress Anchor 10lb for Boats 33-38'
  Fortress Anchor 15lb for Boats 39-45' FX-23
Fortress Anchor 21lb for Boats 46-51'  FX-37
Fortress Anchor 32lb for Boats 52-58'  FX-55
Fortress Anchor 47lb for Boats 59-68' FX-85
Fortress Anchor 69lb for Boats 69'+ FX-125


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