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Lawmar Alloy Winch Handle (Forged) 10in/250mm
Cat. No. LEW-2914-1110
Weight 2 lbs

For maximum efficiency all Lewmar winch handles have ball bearings. All standard handles use Stainless Steel balls. The Synchro range use Delrin balls and the Carbon Racing handles use the high strength Torlon Balls. Lewmarís ball bearing handles are more powerful than ever before, all standard handles have the option of  a PowerGrip. 

Initial fast cranking with one hand on top of the PowerGrip handle is easy and comfortable. When the load comes on, and itís time to shift gear, the second hand grips the main shaft handle and the serious grinding takes place. Cruising sailors will appreciate the secure feel of the handle as the hand fits snugly under the power top and presents fewer opportunities to drop the handle over the side. The range also includes Racing winch handles, both the alloy double grip and the yellow cap PowerGrip handles have high strength forged arms for maximum performance.

The 200mm (8 in) handle is neat and compact for lower loads or very rapid action. The 250mm (10 in) is for heavier loads and produces the maximum power ratio for the winch. The Carbon Racing Winch Handle designed predominately for the racing market, has evolved to offer maximum strength at one third of the weight.

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