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Sunlight Readable Touchscreen Display, 15in Diagonal Widescreen LCD
Cat. No. SRT-15W
Weight 10 lbs

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<script src="mobi.js"></script>SeaTronx SRT15W<br>
Monitor; Sunlight Readable Touchscreen Display, 15" Diagonal Widescreen LCD,
16:9 Aspect Ratio,1920X1280 Resolution, 9-36 VDC. Inputs: 1 HDMI, 1 DVDI,
1 VGA, 1 Composite. Wide Dimming Range.<br>
Product Description</big></b><br>
SeaTronx Sunlight Viewable Marine Monitor15", 16:9 WIdescreen, 12/24 VDC,
Touchscreen SeaTronx Glass Bridge displays are a cost-effective solution
for those desiring rugged design combined with attractive styling. With up
to 1500 nits of low-power LED backlighting, these displays are visible in
direct sunlight and can be completely dimmed for night time use with a convenient
front panel control. With standard PCAP touchscreen, these monitors have
an IP68 waterproof front panel and are optically bonded to prevent fogging
under the glass. Inputs include HDMI, DVI-D, VGA &amp; Composite Video Input.<br>
<b><big>Features &amp; Benefits</big></b><br>
<li>Two year parts, one year labor</li>
<b>Control Type:</b> Projected Capacitive Touchscreen, dimmer potentiometer<br>
<b>Dimensions:</b> 15.9 Inch Width x 10.7 Inch Height x 2.6 Inch Depth<br>
<b>Display:</b> 15 Inch color/ 1500 Nits<br>
<b>Interface: </b>HDMI/ DVI/ VGA/ composite<br>
<b>Resolution:</b> 1920 X 1080/ 16:9 Widescreen<br>
<b>Waterproof: </b>Front panel when console mounted only (IP66)<br>

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