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Locking 12V Charger Plug (Male) 4-Wire
Cat. No. 2018BP-12
Weight 1 lbs

The ConnectPro® trolling motor plug and receptacle is a revolutionary concept in trolling motor DC connections. The ConnectPro® system has superior electric current carrying capacity that eliminates problems that rob motors of power and reduce battery life. The ConnectPro® system features locking plug and receptacle and spring clamping connection which provides a secure electrical contact.

12V Charger Plug (Male)
Part No. 2018BP-12

Product Features

Connects to a 12V battery charger to allow simultaneous charging of two 12V batteries when plugged into the receptacle


12V Locking

System Explained: The 4-wire MARINCO Trolling/Charging System eliminates the need for a charge/run switch. Install the receptacle on the boat, mount the black trolling motor plug on the trolling motor, and the red charger plug on the leads of the battery charger. Simply plug in the black plug to troll, or plug in the red plug to charge.

Charger Plug Instructions

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