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Dual-Use Solar AA Battery Charger
Cat. No. GS-34105-BK
Weight 0.5 lbs

The Global Solar Energy AA Battery Solar Charger rapidly charges rechargeable batteries or converts to a 12V charger for cell phones, GPS and other small electronic devices all within a compact, lightweight package. The GSE AA Battery Solar Charger is ideal for charging outdoors. Unfolded in the sun, the charger will begin charging immediately and charges AA batteries in less than one hour per battery. The charging lights confirm if the batteries are charging or fully charged.


Recharge 2 or 4 AA rechargeable (NiMH or NiCad) batteries to provide power for any device that uses AA batteries. Dual use capability enables charging of 12V devices such as cell phones, radios, or GPS while outdoors.


Combines lightweight portable power with military ruggedness
Reduces requirement to carry extra AA batteries
Anti-glint surface for minimal glare
Supports rapid deployment and power needs in remote locations
12V charging option provides power for emergency needs
12V charging option tops off various battery types to produce maximum run time
Highly effective battery charging with high efficiency solar cells


Rapid Charging -
Charges 2 or 4 AA Cells in less than 4 hours in direct sunlight
Able to charge NiMH or NiCD AA rechargeable batteries only
Additional port for 12V charging of personal devices or trickle charge larger batteries
Built-in thermal shading feature keeps batteries cool during charging, for faster charge rates
Temperature limited to protect batteries
Optional cable accessory pack enables connectivity for 12V charging

Charge Indicator - Controller "status" indicator lights during daylight operation  as follows:
Charging ----- Flashes 1 sec. ON - 1 sec OFF
Batteries fully Charged ----- Solid ON
Charge Terminated by 6-hour Timer  ----- Flashes 3 times then Pauses
Charger Evaluating Batteries  ----- Flashes 2 times then Pauses

Safety Features - Embedded microcontroller senses battery voltage and ambient temperatures and adjusts for optimal charging. Microcontroller
detects two or four batteries installed and modifies current accordingly. Timer set to stop charging after 3 or 6 hours, resets when new batteries are installed or product is exposed to sunlight again. Thermal tent to prevent batteries from overheating due to sunlight.

Folded dimensions 5.5 x 9

Unfolded dimensions 33 x 9

Weight (w/o batteries) .45 lbs

12 Volt Charging Specifications

Maximum Power (at STC)
5 W
Rated Load Voltage
12 V
Nominal Rated (at STC)
15.0 V
Rated Current (at STC)
0.3 A

Charge Times

Charge time for 2 AA batteries
2 - 3 hrs
Charge time for 4 AA batteries
4 - 6 hrs
Cell phone charge time
4 - 6 hrs
GPS charge time
4 - 6 hrs


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