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DC Digital Multimeter with Alarm
Cat. No. 8248B-BSS
Weight 4 lbs

DC Digital Multimeter with Alarm
PN: 8248
    Displays amperage from -500 to +500 Amps
    Displays voltage from 0 to 60 Volts in 0.01 Volt increments
    High and low voltage, audio and visual alarms
    Standard meter operates in negative side of circuit only.
     Shunt Shifter required for positive side installation such as alternators
    3 levels of display brightness
    Programmable sleep mode blanks display for power conservation
    Splashproof front
    Includes 500 Amp shunt
Display Character Size 9/16" (14.29mm)
Input Voltage 7-60V DC*
Minimum Power Consumption 0.60 Watt**
Maximum Power Consumption 1.00 Watt**
Dimensions  Height 2.43" (61.75mm)

Width 2.90" (73.56mm)

Depth 3.40" (86.36mm)
Weight 1.12 Lb (0.51 Kg)
Current Measurement
Shunt 500A-50mV
Range ±500A DC
Resolution (0.0-99.9) 0.1A DC
Resolution (100-500) 1.0A DC
Accuracy (% of Reading) ±0.5%***
Voltage Measurement
Range 0-60V DC
Resolution 0.01V DC
Accuracy (% of Reading) ±0.5%***
* Applicable for 12, 24, 32, 36, and 42 Volt DC systems
** Variable with voltage, display intensity, segments illuminated and sleep mode
***±1 least digit of resolution

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