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PowerGuard PRO
Cat. No. 9070-7
Weight 4.87 lbs

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Experience the difference of PowerGuard PRO Series Battery Protection
• Upward facing vents let gases out while reducing water in-take by 94% - vs. PowerGuard 27 Series.
• Polypropylene Composite material is impervious to acid leaks and other external factors.
• Engineered spill channels direct water away from the battery.

With PowerGuard PRO, your battery is always within reach
• Folding entry panels provide easy access to the battery terminals without the need to remove the mounting strap.
• Versatile bidirectional design allows contact from any angle.
• Ergonomic handles provide more comfort when transporting the battery.

PowerGuard PRO takes security seriously
• Reinforced mounting hardware ensures the battery and box stay anchored.
• Spacer blocks are removable to fit Group 24, 27, and 31 batteries.
• Snap locking lid gives confidence that the battery will remain secure.

Battery Box
Dimensions with Lid Installed
Internal Dimensions
(L x W x H)
Outside Dimensions
(L x W x H)
Part #
PowerGuard PRO
13-1/8" x 7" x 11"
21" x 11-1/4" x 11-1/2"
Black, vented
Mounting Hardware—Includes: PRO Mounting Strap, Reinforced Mounting Brackets, Stainless Steel Mounting Screws
Battery Spacers

* Retail pack comes with two battery spacers
** Max battery height without terminals is 9-5/16

  1. Water-Resistant Ventilation: Top facing ventilation minimizes water in-take through engineered spill channels, directing rain/splash away from batteries.
  2. Polypropylene Composite: Polypropylene composite provides vital durability needed to support heavy lead battery cells, while resisting any run-off and UV discoloration.
  3. Folding Terminal Entry Panels: Easily run terminal connected wires through folding terminal access panels, without the need to remove mounting strap.
  4. Snap-Lock Lid Design: Locking lid provides peace of mind that lid will remain secure even under the most extreme of conditions.
  5. Free-Play Reduction Blocks: Free-Play Reduction Blocks help ensure that 24 series battery cells are kept secure within the box, reducing damage to box and battery alike.
• Reinforced Mounting Hardware: Mounting hardware consists of reinforced mounting brackets and buckled strap to ensure box doesn't shift under heavy wave conditions.
• Bi-Directional Design: Terminal Access Panels are positioned on either side of the box, allowing for maximum battery access.
• Ergonomically Designed Handles: Ergonomic handles allow for easy transportation on and off vessels, trailers, and more.


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