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Fuel Demand Valve
Cat. No. 9300FDV
Weight 1 lbs

Fuel Demand Valve
EPA Certified / CARB Approved
Attwood's exclusive Fuel Demand Valve eliminates engine flooding and spillage by preventing pressurized fuel from reaching the engine. The valve ensures that fuel is supplied to the engine only when demanded during start up or engine operation. Designed in partnership with OEM engine manufacturers, Attwood’s Fuel Demand Valve is compatible with all OEM engine brands.
• Prevents engine flooding and fuel spillage due to pressurized fuel
• Allows only the amount of fuel requested by the engine and prevents a pressurized "slug" of fuel from reaching engine
• Made of high-strength composite material designed to withstand the harsh marine environment
• Compatible with 3/8" and 5/16" fuel hose
• Installs between the fuel tank and the primer bulb
• Low vacuum restriction helps ensure proper engine function during startup and engine operation (less than 2kPa at 125 liters/hour)
• Built-in manual override
• Compatible with Ethanol blended fuels
Operating Temp
Storage Temp
Operating Input Pressure
Flow Performance
-20?C to 80?C
(-4?F to 176?F)
-40?C to 80?C
(-40?F to 176?F
138 kPa (20 psi) protected for 276 kPa
(40 psi) psi pressure spike
125 L/H (33 GPH) at
<2 kPa (10" gasoline)
8 mm – 10 mm
(5/16" – 3/8")

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