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3-Gallon Fuel Tanks
Cat. No. 8803LP
Weight 4.55 lbs

Your Comprehensive Tank-to-Engine Solution
Attwood has engineered the industry's only comprehensive EPA Certified fuel tank-to-engine solution As a result of EPA regulations to reduce evaporative emissions, portable fuel systems are now manufactured to prevent fuel vapor from escaping into the atmosphere. These EPA compliant systems are sealed and unable to vent as in the past, causing pressure build up in the tank that rarely occurred prior to these regulations. In addition, each component within the system adds potential restriction to fuel flow. As fuel restriction levels rise, engine performance is affected. In some cases, complete failure can occur.
Attwood’s EPA Certified Portable Fuel System components are designed specifically to handle the problems caused by pressure build-up and fuel restriction inherent in today’s closed EPA compliant systems. With Attwood’s systems, your engine will perform properly and valuable fuel will stay in the tank where it belongs. Attwood's systems were developed, with leading engine manufacturers, to ensure optimum, reliable performance on the water. That’s the performance you’d expect from the industry leader in marine fuel systems and accessories.

EPA Certified multi-layer tank with industry leading fuel flow performance. Designed around the EPA and California Air Resources Board (CARB) regulations. Features an ergonomic design, an optional gauge and a tethered self sealing cap with audible click.
  • Automatic Vacuum Valve ensures proper fuel flow and eliminates the need for manual vent and operator adjustment
  • Low-permeation tank virtually eliminates fuel evaporation and fuel loss
  • Compatible with 1/4" NPT fuel fittings
  • Ethanol and alcohol compatible
  • EPA & CARB Certified
3-Gallon Fuel Tanks
EPA/CARB COMPLIANT 3-gallon fuel tank is perfect for use with small outboards.


Length Width Height
Part #
3-gallon, without gauge
16.6" x 11.45" x 7.3"
3-gallon, with gauge
16.6" x 11.45" x 7.3"
3-gallon, without gauge, single-pack
16.6" x 11.45" x 7.3"
3-gallon, with gauge, single-pack
16.6" x 11.45" x 7.3"


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