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SUNLINQ™ and P3 Global Solar Accesseries
Cat. No. GS-ACC
Weight 2 lbs

SUNLINQ™ and P3 Global Solar Accesseries

Various accessory cables are available to enable connection from the solar panels to many different types of electronic devices. The solar charge controllers and battery packs help regulate power input from the solar panels into electronic devices creating a more efficient charge.

SUNLINQ™ solar panels made with PowerFLEX™ technology are lightweight, flexible, weatherproof and durable CIGS (copper indium gallium diselenide) solar cells. It provides higher efficiency than other flexible solar cell technologies, including amorphous silicon, and has been proven to be stable.

5 Piece Accessory Kit
The 5 Piece Accessory Kit is included with every SUNLINQ solar pack, but is also sold separately. Each cable has a standard SAE Trailer plug on one end that plugs directly into the solar panel. The accessory kit includes; one 12V CLA receptacle, one 12V CLA plug, one 4 inch 2.5mmID barrel plug, one set of battery clamps and one 8 foot extension cable. P/N GSE-22700

CLA Barrel Jack Adapter
The Barrel Jack Adapter cable is a 6 inch, 18 AWG zip cord cable with a 7-10 Amp rating. It has a 2.5mmID barrel jack on one end and a 12V CLA receptacle on the other. This adapter can be used with the OEM-40 and OEM-42 modules as well as other adapter cables with 2.5mmID x 5.5mmOD barrel plug connectors. P/N GSE-28000

SAE Barrel Plug Adapter
The Trailer Plug Adapter is a 4 inch, 18AWG zip cord cable. It has a standard SAE two prong connector on one end and a 2.1mmID x 5.5mmOD barrel plug on the other end. This adapter cable can be used with the P3 product line and the SUNLINQ line of products. The SAE plug connects directly to the solar panel and the barrel plug connects to various electronic devices and battery packs.  P/N GSE-28001
Barrel to Barrel Adapter
The Barrel to Barrel Adapter is a 4 inch, 18AWG zip cord cable. It has a 2.5mmID x 5.5mmOD barrel jack on one
end and a 2.1mmID x 5.5mmOD barrel plug on the other end. This adapter cable can be used with the OEM-40 and OEM-42 modules and adapts to various electronic devices. P/N GSE-28002

SAE Y-Cable
Need more power? Use this SAE Y-Cable to parallel two or even four SUNLINQ or P3 solar packs together. The
SAE Y-Cable has two-prong SAE plugs on each 3 foot leg and at the end of a 1 foot trunk. This cable is a 18AWG
zip cord. P/N GSE-28003

Extension Cable
The Extension Cable is an 8 foot, 16AWG, jacketed cable with a two-prong SAE Trailer plug on each end. This cable connects to any of the accessory cables available in the 5 Piece Accessory Kit and then plugs directly into the SUNLINQ or P3 solar pack.  P/N GSE-28007

7Amp Solar Charge Controller
The 7 Amp Charge Controller protects your 12V lead acid batteries from overcharge. This charge controller is to be used with any of the P3 12V product line and can handle up to 100 Watts of Solar Power. With the attached SAE Trailer plug the 7 Amp Solar Charge Contoller can connect directly to the solar panel and the remaining SAE Trailer plug can connect to any one of the cables in our 5 Piece Accessory Kit. P/N GSE-14598

Power Bank II
The Power Bank II provides power to small electronics such as iPODs, cell phones and PDAs. The Power Bank II
comes with several sizes of barrel plugs for connecting to different 5.2 to 7.2V devices. Also includes specialty
cables with plugs for various cell phones & PDAs as well as a CLA Receptacle. 12V SUNLINQ , P3-30W, 48W or
55W solar packs can be adapted throught the CLA adapter included. P/N GSE-14618

DC Adapter
The DC Adapter is designed to power notebook computers which require DC input from 15V to 24V with a CLA plug that fits into a CLA receptacle in your car. The DC Adapter comes with different sizes of barrel connectors to connect to your computer. This adapter is intended to be used with an intermediate 12V battery pack charged by solar rather than being used with the solar panel directly.  P/N GSE-14600


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