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SUNLINQ™ Small Portable Power Pack 25 ,30, 62 and 124 watt
Cat. No. GS-16013
Weight 3 lbs

Global Solar is pleased to announce a new member to our SunLinq family, the SL 25. The SunLinq 25 watt solar module, designed specifically for the marine and outdoor industry is made with the same PowerFLEX™ technology as the SunLinq 6.5 & 12 watt, but is encapsulated in a polyurethane material buildup that has the following key benefits;

SUNLINQ 25 Watt, 12V
The 25-watt portable solar pack module offers a unique solution for reliable and portable solar power for vehicle battery charging, including boats and RVs and laptop computers. The SUNLINQ™ 25 watt weighs less than two pounds and when folded is compact, lightweight and easily stored and transported. The 25-watt SUNLINQ™ is made from a special urethane material giving it the utmost in durability and water resistence. The low maintenance design provides an optimal electrical path and rugged durability. Built-in grommets allow for hanging, mounting or laying in any position. Cables included with SUNLINQ™ are one each, CLA receptacle, CLA vehicle power outlet, battery clamps, 4 in. barrel connector, and 8 ft. extension cable. (NOTE: Charge control device is recommended with this product).

• Ultra lightweight and compact for portability and storage
• Ultra durable - due to the flexible nature of the material
• UV stable & waterproof
• Performs well in diverse environments including; high temperature & humidity
• High efficiency solar cells made with CIGS (copper indium gallium diselenide)

The preliminary set of performance values for the Global Solar 25 watt module is as follows:
• Rated Power (PMAX) = 25 watts
• Rated Load Voltage = 12 volts
• Rated Voltage (Vmpp) = 16.5 volts
• Rated Current (Impp) = 1.5 amps
• Open Circuit Voltage (Voc) = 25 volts
• Short Circuit Voltage (Isc) = 2.1 amps

Dimensions and Weight
Length , in (mm)
11 (279)
Width , in (mm)
8.25 (210)
Thickness , in (mm)
.7 (17.78)
Length , in (mm)
41.25 (1048
Width , in (mm)
21.50 (546)
Thickness , in (mm)
0 .03 (.762)
Weight , lb ( k g )
1.7 (.77)
Max Power to weight ratio watt / lb ( watt / kg )
14.7 (32)

  Spec Sheet for SL-25

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