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Drakon Group 24M Marine Battery
Cat. No. UPG-40880
Weight 59.5 lbs

12-Volt High Performance Group 24 Pure Lead AGM Marine Battery

Drakon 40880 marine batteries provide a combination of starting and cycling power in one package. This group 24 battery is made from 99.99 percent pure lead to provide a more reliable power source with fewer impurities. It delivers exceptional CCA ratings, reserve capacity, and deep cycling ability. With this Drakon marine battery, faster recharge time and increased longevity are made possible by using its cutting edge AGM technology. The Drakon 40880 can withstand extreme temperatures and performance demands including high vibrations and resistance to gasoline or oils. Proudly made in the USA, it features a shockproof high-impact case, threaded brass stud terminals, and a 3-year manufacturer's warranty.
  • Cutting edge pure lead AGM technology
  • All acid is absorbed in glass mat so there is no potential for freezing
  • High compression cell structure improves high vibration resistance, 28 times more than conventional batteries
  • Three stage terminal compressions eliminates leakage
  • Ultra-thin plate technology increases the number of plates creating greater exposure to reactive elements increasing performance
  • Delivers exceptional CCA and reserve capacity
  • Longer lifetime no matter what you drive and where it is driven
  • Quick starting every time
  • Unrivaled cycling
  • High vibration tolerance
  • Resists gasoline and oil
  • Faster recharge than conventional batteries
  • Minimal maintenance even in extreme conditions
  • OEM fit is ensured to be built to exact BCI standards
  • Non-hazardous for ground, sea and air transport
  • Two year shelf life
  • Longest warranty in the industry - 3 years



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