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Lithium Ion Ultimate 24/5500
Cat. No. MV-66025500
Weight 125.7 lbs

MLI Ultra 24/5500

Heavy Duty, Extreme Performance
The MLI series delivers extreme Lithium Ion performance even under the harshest conditions, such as high charge and discharge currents, wet environments, mechanical shocks or vibrations. This is realized by combining our best Lithium-Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) cells with a proprietary Battery Management System (BMS) inside a sturdy, waterproof housing.

The sophisticated Mastervolt BMS ensures optimal use of each individual cell. Integrated battery monitoring provides you with accurate and up-to-date information on the state of your battery. Integrated NMEA 2000, CZone or MasterBus communication allows complete system integration, to ensure the best possible recharging, while maximizing the lifetime of your battery.

Self-learning balancing algorithm
The MLI Ultra batteries are equipped with a self-learning balancing algorithm that predicts the behavior of each individual battery cell and balances proactively, resulting in a faster and more efficient charge cycle. The self-learning system eliminates unnecessary stress on the cells, resulting in an even longer Battery Cycle Life.

  • Extreme performance, heavy duty Lithium Ion batteries.
  • BMS and LiFePO4 chemistry according to highest safety standards.
  • Saves up to 70 % in space and weight.
  • More than three times the life span of traditional batteries.
  • Fast charging within 60 minutes.
  • Self-learning balancing algorithm for optimized performance and longer battery lifetime.
  • High charge / discharge rate up to 2.5 C.
  • Integrated battery monitoring (Ah consumed, state of charge).
  • Series connection up to 10 batteries possible.
  • MasterBus communication with any Mastervolt battery charger.
  • CZone and NMEA 2000 compatible.
  • Waterproof electronics compartment.
  • Designed according to UN38.3.
  • CE, E-Mark certified.
  • DNV-GL planned for end 2021.
For additional safety, Mastervolt stipulates the use of a safety relay as mandatory part of the battery installation.
  • safety relay 12 volt, product code 7700B-BSS

General specifications
Nominal battery voltage 26.4 V
Nominal battery capacity 200 Ah
Nominal battery energy capacity 5500 Wh
Cycle life 3500 cycles at 80 % DOD at 25 ^(0)C max. C3 charge and C2 discharge
Max. charge current 200 A
Recommended charge current ? 60 A
Max. continuous discharge current 500 A
Continuous charge current 200 A
Peak discharge current 1800 A (10 sec.)
Battery monitoring integrated
MasterBus communication yes
CZone / NMEA 2000 communication yes
Terminals M8
Mounting position upright (recommended) or either long side
Max. outer dimensions (incl. terminals/grip handles) lxwxh 622 x 197 x 355 mm
24.5 x 7.8 x 14.0 inch
Product weight 57 kg
125.7 lb
Shipping weight 60 kg
132.3 lb
Compliance CE, E-Mark / RVIA Compliant / DNV-GL gepland voor eind 2021

Technical specifications
Battery chemistry  Lithium Iron Phosphate
Protection degree IP65 (electronics cabinet)
Parallel connection yes, unlimited
Series connection yes, up to 10 batteries - systems over 48 V require a separate battery box to prevent access to high voltage parts
Protections over voltage, under voltage over temperature
Safety relay to be added mandatorily product code 7700B-BSS
Safety relay controls integrated

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