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Software Pack 2, For programmable functions: sweep, surveillance, fixed positions
Cat. No. ILCLO-002

Colorlight searchlights can be programmed in different modes to make work on the bridge more efficient. It is possible to set up systems in an Ethernet network (LAN) where the user can control any or many searchlights from any control station. Also the control of the searchlight can be made from external systems like slaving from a target tracking camera or a navigation system. It is also possible to control many searchlights in a synchronized mode and most recently we have added the optional integrated thermal or daylight camera making it possible for a single fixture to use ultraviolet spectra, visible light spectra and infrared thermal spectra in the same unit.

The CL control system is an integrated solution with existing navigation systems you just address AIS, MOB, waypoint, danger zone, hostile target or any other point of interest where you need the light. Without using the joystick the light is focused on that point until you give a new command or upon manual override of the joystick.

This software pack may be integrated with Colorlight Dual Lens Searchlights (CL20/25/35 models) and is for programmable functions including sweep, surveillance, and fixed positions

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