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Fixed Single Spotlight, 575W HMI or UV, 100-240V
Cat. No. ILCLS-15001
Weight 4 lbs

CL15-01 Fixed Single Spotlight, 400mm Reflector, 100-240V, 575W HMI

A powerful fixed spotlight fitted with focusable, highly efficient HMI (hydrargyrum medium-arc iodide) light technology of 575W providing lux illumination at 3500 meters (2.20 miles).

Colorlight focuses on reducing lifetime operational and maintenance costs while improving visibility and functionality for the customer.  The CL15-01 uses HMI lamp technology to provide high CRI, high CCT (6000K) "daylight" illumination; highly appreciated for navigation and regarded as having the best "ice light spectra" on the market.  Use it as fixed headlight, or aft light (for fishing geaqr).  The CL15-01 is constructed of robust acid-proof stainless steel.  It is simple to install and comes complete with a compact 100-240V electronic box, bridge panel remote control, 3m (10') power cable, and 5m (16.5') control cable..

CL15-02 Fixed Single Spotlight, 400mm Reflector, 100-240V, 575W UV

A powerful fixed spotlight fitted with focusable and highly penetrating (and target reflective) UV (ultraviolet) light technology.  It is especially useful in heavy weather (e.g. snow, rain, mist, fog) where the effectiveness of halogen is greatly reduced.  Its fluorescent detection properties also make it ideal for oil spill recovery operations, illuminating deck helipad circles, or for identifying navigation aids and other reflective floating object.

Features & Benefits:

  • Acid-proof stainless steel housing
  • Highly efficient HMI technology (85 lm/watt)
  • Focusing lamp (4-20º)
  • Best "Ice Light Spectra" on the market
  • Daylight (6000K) illumination
  • Complete installation kit including cables and remote panel

CL15-01 CL15-01
Housing Finish/Material White (RAL 9016)/Acid-Proof Stainless Steel
Lens Material Toughened glass
Base Dimensions See dimensional drawing
Dimensions See dimensional drawing
Integrated Switch No
Max. Wattage 575W
Input Voltage 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz
Power Consumption 750W (max load)
Driver External Electronic Control Box
Bulb Socket Type HMI (Hydrargyrum medium-arc iodide)UV
Output Color DaylightBlacklight
Luminous Flux 49,000 lm
Correlated Color Temperature (CCT) 6000K
Color Rendering Index (CRI) >90
Range 12,000m (1.25 mls)1400m (0.9 mls)
Beam Angle 4-20°
Lifetime Hours 1000 hrs (bulb)
Mounting Method Stainless Steel Bracket
Ingress Protection IP66 (fixture), IP21 (electronic box)
Class Class I
Electrical Protections Reverse Polarity
Certifications & Compliance CE, RMRS Type Approval, DNV2.4 (EMC), DNV 2.4 (Compass), DNV/GL Type Approval (pending)
Manufacturer ColorLight AB
Warranty 2 Years

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