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Push Buttons LED Ring light
Cat. No. BEP-80-511-000
Weight 1 lbs

Manufactured using 304 stainless steel, these through panel mount switches
are IP67 rated when installed and ideal for switching lighting or installing into
custom switch & dash panels. The light rings may be wired to show power to a
system or switch back lighting. The range also includes matching stainless
steel warning buzzers with LED light rings (red LED activates with buzzer).

· Momentary and latched actuation options available
· Blue and red circuit status indication LED options
· 304 Stainless Steel components, silver alloy contacts
· Maximum switch current rating 5amps
· IP67 environmental protection for switches
· IP50 environmental protection for buzzers
· Buzzer sound intensity 80dB (pulsating tone)

Item # 80-511-0001-00  ON/OFF Red LED
Item # 80-511-0002-00 Momentary (ON)OFF Red LED
Item # 80-511-0003-00 (ON)OFF Blue LED
Item # 80-511-0004-00 Momentary ON/OFF Blue LED



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