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Mastervolt Mass Sine Ultra 24/4000
Cat. No. MV-26024000
Weight 33.1 lbs

Mass Sine Ultra 24/4000

For the toughest tasks
Even under the most extreme conditions the products from the Mass series operate faultlessly, giving you round-the-clock output when necessary. With an MTBF of 180,000 hours at full capacity and 24/7 use, the Mass products are ideal for the toughest tasks and any situation that requires a reliable power supply.

With an AC capacity of 4000 W in one unit, the Mass Sine Ultra can satisfy even the greatest energy demands. As ten units can be switched in parallel or 3x3 in a three-stage configuration, the Mass Sine Ultra can supply a capacity of up to 40 kW. The inverter provides full power at 40 °C and works smoothly even in extreme conditions such as engine rooms and technical spaces. Like all Mass products, the inverter is supplied in a compact and robust casing. This inverter is the best choice if you are looking for autonomous AC capacity of over 3 kW.

Optimal flexibility in system design
Choosing an independent sine wave inverter allows you complete freedom of choice of battery charging equipment. You can freely adapt the rating of these chargers, depending on the desired charge time. In case you want to use renewable energy sources, you may want to choose an MPPT solar charge regulator.

High Efficiency
The high efficiency and automatic economy mode are designed to allow digital clocks to work properly and ensure you many more hours of operation from your batteries. The application of high-frequency technology prevents any annoying humming and zooming sounds, while the high peak capacity ensures that the high inrush current required for electrical tools, for example, is seamlessly produced.

Latest Technology
The extremely efficient power electronics save volume and weight with minimal sound levels and a very low ripple voltage which extends the lifespan of your batteries. At the same time, digital technology prevents any annoying flickering and voltage fluctuations.

Make the most of your batteries
The Mass Sine Ultra is equipped with a dynamic battery voltage window. Taking into account the type of battery and current, this function ensures the inverter can supply AC longer without overtaxing the batteries.

  • For heavy duty work in professional and semiprofessional applications.
  • Full capacity at temperatures up to 40 °C.
  • Pure sine wave output prevents failures and damage to connected sensitive equipment.
  • High peak capacity for the seamless switching on of complex and heavy loads.
  • Dynamic, battery-specific input current for an optimal use of every type of battery.
  • Parallel configuration of up to ten devices for a capacity up to 40 kW.
  • 3-Phase configuration for a capacity up to 36 kW.
  • Integrated MasterBus.
  • Suitable for mobile applications.
  • Professional connections.
  • Automatic, reliable and safe operation.
  • Optional: Masterswitch/Systemswitch for automatic selection of the desired energy source.
  • Mass Sine Ultra 24/4000
  • Product code: 26024000
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General specifications
Output voltage (± 5 %) 230 V - 50 Hz (± 0.01 Hz)
Output waveform true sine
Nominal battery voltage 24 V
Recommended battery capacity > 350 Ah
Continuous power at 40 °C / 104 °F,  cos phi 1 4000 W
Peak load 7000 W
AC connection internal
Galvanic isolation yes
Efficiency > 92 %
Parallel configuration yes, up to 10 units
3-Phase configuration yes, up to 3x3
Display/read-out LED display
Dimensions hxwxd 472 x 318 x 178 mm
18.6 x 12.5 x 7.0 inch
Weight 15 kg
33.1 lb
Compliance CE, ABYC, E-mark

Technical specifications
Technology HF switch mode
Low battery voltage switches off at 19-22 V, dynamic window V
Low battery voltage switches on at 24 V, ± 0.5 V
High battery voltage switches off at 32 V, ± 0.5 V
High battery voltage switches on at 29 V, ± 0.5 V
Max. ripple on DC (battery) 5% RMS
Input current (nominal load) 200 A
No-load power consumption (ON mode) 660 mA 16 W
No-load power consumption (energy saving mode) 300 mA 7 W
Minimal DC fuse (slow blow) 250 A
Minimal cable size 70 mm²
Harmonic distortion typical < 1%
Cos phi all power factors allowed
Transfer system Masterswitch/Systemswitch can be connected to all sine wave inverters
Temperature range (ambient temp.) -25 °C to 80 °C, derating > 40 °C
-13 °F to 176 °F
Cooling natural/forced
Protection degree IP23
Protections over temperature, over load, short circuit, high battery, low battery
MasterBus compatible yes

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