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Raymarine Radar Antenna Gear Box
Cat. No. E70484
Weight 57.3 lbs

Raymarine Magnum Open Array Radar4 KW Pedestal Only, Requires Array and Interconnect CableMagnum high performance open array radars bring long range performance and unmatched small target radar imaging to Raymarine multifunction navigation displays. Employing many of the same radar technologies trusted by the United States Coast Guard, Magnum offers enhanced target tracking and reliable performance, all packaged in a sleek open-array pedestal built to withstand the elements.Magnum is available in 4kW or 12kW power output options, and with either a four-foot or six-foot antenna array option. It offers a maximum range up to 96nm for 12kW models ideal for blue water vessels and up to 72nm for 4kW models. The perfect companion to Raymarine's award-winning Axiom and Axiom Pro multifunction navigation displays (MFD) running LightHouse 3 software. Magnum is also backwards compatible with many legacy models.Building upon Raymarine's already exceptional bird identification technology, we have further advanced Magnum's Bird Mode feature to target birds with greater clarity up to 10nm. Locating flocks of birds with Magnum helps anglers find schooling baitfish faster and with less fuel consumption.Magnum radar also features Raymarine beam sharpening technology, delivering better than 1-degree bearing resolution for more detailed target separation, map-like coastal detail, and superior long-range performance.Magnum delivers better situational awareness with fully automatic MARPA target acquisition and tracking. Magnum also makes use of Raymarine's Evolution 9-axis heading sensor technology to deliver real-time, accurate target plots.Magnum features True Trails target history. The True Trails features enables you to see a historical "wake" behind every moving contact. This additional information makes it even easier to interpret the motion of other vessels and make smart maneuvering decisions to pass safely.

Features & Benefits
  • Limited Three years Warranty, after on-line registration
Antenna: 4' or 6' open array
Beamwidth: 4': 1.85 deg.; 6': 1.15 deg.
Dimensions: Pedestal with array: 16.1"L x 12.4"W x 16.9"H; Wt: 57.3 lb.
Input Voltage: 12/24 VDC
Interface: SeaTalk-hs (Ethernet)
Other Functions: 24/48 RPM, bird mode, beam sharpening, MARPA, TrueTrails
Power: 4KW

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