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Industrial Fuse - DIN00
Cat. No. MV-IF-DIN00
Weight 0.5 lbs

With Mastervolt's extensive range of components it is now easier than ever to safely put together your own electrical installations. Make the selection you require and order the parts from your nearest Energy Shop.

Industrial fuses are required to protect cables. Only a determined amount of current can flow through a cable. If the current exceeds this amount, the industrial fuse serves as protection device to prevent dangerous situations like fire. DIN stands for 'Deutsche Industrie Norm' whereby the 00 series can handle up to 160 A and the 1 series up to 250 A.

industrial fuse 10 A DIN00
6384001600 industrial fuse 16 A  DIN00
6384002000 industrial fuse 20 A  DIN00
6384003200 industrial fuse 32 A  DIN00
6384003500 industrial fuse 35 A  DIN00
6384004000 industrial fuse 40 A  DIN00
6384005000 industrial fuse 50 A  DIN00
6384006300 industrial fuse 63 A  DIN00
6384008000 industrial fuse 80 A  DIN00
6384010000 industrial fuse 100 A  DIN00
6384012500 industrial fuse 125 A  DIN00
6384016000 industrial fuse 160 A  DIN00


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