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Orion® Safety Accessory Signaling Kit
Cat. No. L-617OS
Weight 1 lbs

The Orion® Safety Accessory Signaling Kit offers a selection of visual and audible signals that can be seen or heard by sea or air rescuers. United States Coast Guard approved to use as a daytime signal.

  • Model Number: 617
  • UOM: EA
  • Kit Contents:
    • (1) USCG approved orange distress flag (3' square w/ 4 1/2" nylon ties)
    • (1) SOLAS approved whistle w/ lanyard (116db at 1 meter)
    • (1) Signaling mirror w/ lanyard can be seen for up to 10 miles
    • (1) Fluorescein dye marker produces up to a 50 square foot green cloud in the water
    • (1) Orange mesh storage bag w/ zipper and clip for additional signals and accessories


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