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Basic Adventure Survival Essentials Kit™
Cat. No. US-BASE
Weight 2 lbs

Basic Adventure Survival Essentials Kit™

Start a fire and signal for help with this super-light kit!
Weighs only 2.4 ounces! Coming soon from UST.


Sparkie™ Fire Starter: This lightweight emergency fire starter boasts one-handed operation! It generates intensely hot sparks and works in any weather.  SparkieTM weighs only 0.8 of an ounce.

WetFire™ Tinder (2 cube): You will love this amazing fire starting tinder.  It is non-toxic, odorless, and virtually smokeless. You can start a fire even in the driving rain. In fact, WetFire™ tinder burns longer when its WET! A small pile of tinder shavings is all you need to start a roaring fire.

StarFlash® Signal Mirror: This signal mirror is unbreakable, can be aimed precisely, floats and can signal for communications up to 100 miles away. You can use it hiking, camping, or backpacking for communication or signaling, or to apply first aid or camouflage. StarFlash® was chosen as the premier signal mirror of the U.S. Air Force and other government agencies 10 years ago.

JetScream™ Whistle: This whistle is one of the loudest in the world, any louder and it would cause physical pain, literally.  You can hear JetScream's™ amazing 122Db ear-piercing shriek, above most natural or man-made noises. It is equivalent to the sound of a rock concert or a jet at take off. You can use JetScream™ in the city or woods for communication and personal protection.

Waterproof Storage Bag: This lightweight bag is waterproof to 200 feet!

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