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Mounting Bases for Cable Ties
Cat. No. M-MB
Weight 1 lbs

Mounting bases are the perfect companion for cable ties. They allow a user to mount cable ties just about anywhere. GB's feature a 2-way fastening design where they mount either by the adhesive back, or a center screw for extra holding power. Cable ties can be inserted in 4 different directions which gives greater flexibility in mounting bundles.

Made from nylon for maximum strength
Resistant to solvents, oils, acids and moisture.
Unique screw hole alignment feature to speed installation.
Absorbs shock and vibration; reduces unwanted noise

Description Unit Qty Item #
#8 screw natural 25 199231
100 199232
#10 screw natural 25 199262
100 199263
natural 5 199233
25 199234
UVB* 5 199235
25 199236

* UV Resistant


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