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Tank sender interface module
Cat. No. BEP-600-TLM-SIF
Weight 1 lbs

600-TLM-SIF Tank sender interface module

The 600-TLM-SIF signal converter module is used to convert from 10-180 ohm, or 240-33 ohm tank sender outputs, to a 0-5V output. BEP equipment that uses a 0-5 volt signal input includes the DCSM DC/Systems Monitor, CZone Digital Switching/Monitoring, and the 600-TLM tank monitor.

  • Is only required when using VDO (10-180) or Teleflex (240-33) senders to produce a 0-5 V signal to operate the 600-TLM-N.
  • Switchable link for VDO or Teleflex signal. 10-32 V supply.
  • One unit per sender required
  • Dimensions:  60 x 34 x 22 mm (2.4 x 1.3 x .9 in)

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