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Mastervolt Monitor C-4-RB remotebasic, series 4
Cat. No. MV-70404100
Weight 2 lbs

You want to stay in complete control of the situation and have accurate information. Guesswork is not good enough when it comes to the status of your power system.

The basic remote panel is a useful power device for remote control of the Mass an Ivo smart Mastervolt battery chargers. The basic remote control does indicate the status of the charge control by six high power leds. The remote control is easy to install by a plug-in standard twisted six pole RJ45 telephone plug between the analog output of the charger and the panel. The communication of the remote control and charger is based on analog technology. The remote panel can be used as an interface for a custom made panel or for a dual remote indicator. The basic remote panel has a combined CSI-DC/alarm (csi=charger status interface). The potential free change-over contacts indicate if the charger is ON or in general failure. The DC alarm set points can be adjusted in the chargers by use of the adjustment interface.

Monitor C-4-RB remotebasic, series 4

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