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AC Main + 6 Positions/DC Main + 15 Positions
Cat. No. BLU-8084
Weight 15 lbs

AC Main + 6 Positions/DC Main + 15 Positions
    Includes set of 30 common AC and 30 common DC labels
    All AC and DC buses installed, fully pre-wired
    Label backlighting pre-installed
    All LEDs installed
    Maximum panel Amperage      - 100 Amperes DC
                                                  -  50 Amperes AC
AC Features
    Red reverse polarity indicating LED
    Ready for installation of optional 4029 AC Isolation Cover
    9353, 0-150 Volt AC Voltmeter
DC Features
    100 Amp C-Series circuit breaker provides main circuit protection and switching for DC branch circuits
    8003, 8-16 Volt DC Voltmeter
    8017, 0-100 Amp DC Ammeter
    Owner upgradeable to 24 Volts with 8240, 18-32 Volt DC Voltmeter


AC Positions


DC Positions


AC Volts


DC Volts


Height in" (mm)

 10.00 (254.00) 

Width in" (mm)

 14.75 (374.65) 

Weight Lb (Kg)

 6.50 (2.95) 

Circuit Breakers:


Installed AC

 (1)30A, (3)15A 

Installed DC

 (1)100A, (9)15A 

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