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Air X Marine
Cat. No. 1-ARXM-15-xx
Weight 15 lbs

The new AIR-X Marine Wind Generator electronics are completely revised, utilizing a microprocessor to control the RPM, and to provide pulse-width modulating (PWM) control for optimal battery charging.  The new advancements in electronics provides a greater improvement over typical diode-rectification and simple (shunt style) voltage regulation.

    * New technology reduces noise by as much as 80%
    * Programmed to charge batteries at different rates (bulk, taper, & float)
    * More sensitive charge management through charge control system
    * Limits power to the electronics by torque control of blades
    * Microprocessor control allows charging to begin at 500 RPM
    * Improved energy capture in low winds (7-12 MPH)
    * Turbine produces more power in strong winds with less heat


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