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SmartVent 300
Cat. No. SS-01300R01
Weight 2 lbs

Lack of ventilation and condensation can be a problem in any enclosed environment. Powered simply by sunlight the SmarVent helps keep more pleasant and controlled atmosphere in your Sail Boat, RV, Camper or any inclosed space.

Powered by Sunlight
Silent secure ventilation
Easy to install - Wire Free
Helps to reduce condensation
Fits in polcarbonate, glass, wood, metal etc
No operating Costs
Two yeat warranty

SmartVent 300
Air in/out
on off switch
Power Storage for Day and night use
Available in Stainless Steel

It is important to locate your SmartVent so that it receive the maximum amount of sunlight possible, ideally facing the midday sun and not in any shade.

If unsure how to fit the SmartVent yourself, consult a professional installation expert.

  1. Remove the fixing ring and gasket from the barrel.
  2. Draw a line around the template in the packaging with a marker
  3. Cut out the hole, diameter 115mm/4,5", using a suitable tool
  4.  For added security apply mastic sealant between the guidelines on the underside of your SmartVent. NB In glass we recommend use of the large foam gasket without using sealant.
  5. Place the product through the hole from the outside. In wood or metal screw SmartVent to the surface with suitable No. 8 or similar weatherproof screws.
  6. Push the fixing ring up the barrel from the inside.
  7. If sealant has been used wipe away any excess and leave to dry.
The SmartVent is supplied in the open position, however you can close the SmartVent to waterproof the product in severe weather conditions. To fully close the SmartVent hold the center ellipse area twist counterclockwise and pull towards you until it locks into position. To open again, twist clockwise and push in until it locks into position. The SmartVent is operated using the switches as described below.

SmartVent 300:
The SmartVent 300 has 3 twitches, on/off, in/out and boost. The on/off switch works as described above. When the in/out switch is pushed down the ventilator will draw air in, when it is released the ventilator will extract air. The boost twitch enables you so operate the ventilator at night or during overcast conditions. The SmartVent 300 diverts some of the power generated during daylight to charge an internal battery. The power stored in this battery is then used to operate the boost function. When the boost switch is pressed the ventilator operates for approximately 10 minutes, if the twitch is pressed again within the 10 minute operation time the ventilator will turn off. The number of boost operations possible depends on the amount of power stored during the day. When the on/off switch is in the off position power generated by the solar cell is used to charge the battery. This can be useful if you want to ensure she battery is fully charged for night time or weekend use and you do not need the SmartVent working during the day.

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