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Side-Power 300 Hydraulic Thruster
Cat. No. SH320/300TC
Weight 43 lbs

The SM300HYD series thrusters offer 660 lbs. of thrust and feature twin counter-rotating props. Available with a range of popular Ultra hyrdaulic motors, these 12" tunnel thrusters give continuous reliable performance.

SH300 Hydraulic Thruster with Parker Ultra Motor 10cm3, Max. Thrust 300kg/660lbs, Twin Counter Rotating 4-Bladed Props

The Side-Power SP300 Hydraulic thruster has twin counter rotating four-bladed propellers, producing 660 lbs of thrust at 100% performance. Side-Power hydraulic thrusters can be purchased as part of a complete hydraulic system. 

A complete Side-Power engineered system allows full proportional control of the thruster and unlimited run time, all based on the S-Link plug and play system.


Features & Benefits

  • Wide range of hydraulic motor sizes and types to optimize performance of the thruster unit
  • Unlimited run time at any thrust level, including max thrust
  • Reduced long term maintenance when compared to DC or AC thrusters
  • Improved maaximum thrust based on tunnel size
  • Total integration into any hydraulic system or supplied as part of a Side-Power engineered system

Product Details
Light Duty Thrust: 660 lbs (300 kg)
Heavy Duty Thrust: 594 lbs (270 kg)
Tunnel Diameter: 11.8
Propulsion System: Counter Rotating
Hydraulic Power: 30 hp (23 kw)
Propeller Output: 25 hp (18 kw)
Hyrdaulic Motor: Ultra 10 ccm
Ultra 11ccm
Ultra 14ccm
Ultra 16 ccm
Ultra 19 ccm
Manufacturer: Side-Power
Weight: 42.900 lbs.


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