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Harken 57 mm Black Magic, AirBlock High-Load Teardrop
Cat. No. HAR 3223
Weight 1 lbs

3044 High-Load Teardrop Block-57MM

Teardrop blocks are ideal for use as mastbase leads and for other applications where limited articulation or direct attachment is desired. When attached to an appropriate padeye, Teardrop blocks will not hit the deck when lines are slack, yet allow sufficient movement to ensure fair leads when jumping halyards. They are often used on permanent backstays of fractionally rigged boats where the backstay can be spliced directly to the head of the block.

The 3042 and 3046 are low-load blocks designed for use on production boats that have mounting posts on the mastcollar.

Padeye hi-load
Sheave dia. (in) 2 1/4
Clevis pin dia. (in) 5/16
Length (in) 3 3/8
Max. line dia. - optimal (in) 1/4
Max. line dia. - max. (in) 3/8
SWL (lb) 2500
Breaking strength (lb) 5000
Use padeye 627

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