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Harken Dinghy Vang System
Cat. No. HAR 447
Weight 2 lbs

447 Dinghy Vang System

The Dinghy Vang comes pre-reeved with low-stretch polyester line. It is constructed with a 3:1 cascade inside a 5:1 purchase for a powerful 15:1 system.

16 mm blocks handle high loads. A Micro Carbo-Cam® allows precise trimming; pivots for a fair lead, so itís easy to cleat, and angles up and down to accommodate mounting height.

The Dinghy Vang has a maximum mast to boom distance of 30 in (760 mm). A simple line adjustment shortens the system.

Description Dinghy Vang
Length (in) 30
Weight (oz) 20
Max. sail area (ft sq) 125
SWL (lb) 450
Breaking strength (lb) 1200

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