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HALO open array radars
Cat. No. HALO
Weight 4 lbs

Our Most Powerful Radar Yet

From the people who brought you the world’s first recreational Pulse Compression radars, now comes the new HALO® 2000 and 3000 series. The powerful open array radars offer superior range, intelligent modes, and class-leading ease of use.

See Near & Far
Like having an extra pair of eyes - enables you to navigate safely through crowded waters or poor visibility.

Bird+ Mode*
For offshore sportfishing enthusiast and commercial anglers – Easily locate feeding flocks up to 8nm away.
*Halo 3000 model

Target Tracking
Simultaneous short-, mid- and long-range detection of multiple objects with tracking history.

Instantly identifies and automatically checks every radar target detected using Doppler technology.

The 2000 and 3000 series really step it up in terms of power, offering 2x and 5x the wattage respectively. That translates to a vastly improved range and best-ever levels of clarity both near and far. Unlike traditional Magnetron radars, HALO’s full power is ready when you are. HALO 2000 and 3000 are ready instantly from standby mode, and just 16-25 seconds from a cold start. That’s the benefit of solid state, pulse compression technology.

ZoneTrack™ brings the best of professional boating technology to recreational users, allowing them to automatically track up to 50 vessels within a defined area, providing course and speed information to aid situational awareness.

HALO’s Dangerous Target Alerts graphically highlight range, bearing and heading of other vessels relative to yours. VelocityTrack™ shows targets colour-coded so you can identify potential threats at a glance. Because, when it comes to safety, situational awareness is everything.

We believe that radar is a core safety feature of any ocean-going vessel. That’s why we’ve endeavoured to make our HALO 2000 and 3000 series as user-friendly as possible. HALO’s Preset Modes are designed to be operated and understood by even the newest boaters, with maximum ease and minimal hassle.

Both HALO 2000 and 3000 series feature powerful Bird modes that allow sportfishing enthusiasts to locate flocks of birds at distance, leading you to the richest fishing holes in your area. HALO 3000 casts its beam wider than ever before. The new Bird+ Mode focuses the radar’s full 130 watts power on finding birds, detecting flocks as far as 8nm away. That’s truly game-changing power.




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