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  • AFI™ electric horns meet the American Boat & Yacht Council (ABYC) Regulation #A23 for boats up to 12 meters
  • All AFI™ air horns meet the U.S. Coast Guard's C.O.L.R.E.G.S. and U.S. Inland Navigation Rules, Annex III Regulations for boats up to 20 meters
  • AFI™ horns are listed in the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) Certification Program "type accepted" list
  • All AFI™ horns are listed for boats up to 12 meters and all AFI™ air horns are listed for boats up to 20 meters
  • Horn motors and compressors are 12 volt unless otherwise indicated
  • AFI™ horns are set at a lower frequency to provide greater range as the sound travels across the water
  • Horns should be mounted facing forward whenever possible. The NMMA Certification Program requires this for boats 39' or longer

  • Accessories
    Compressers and Grills
    Below Deck Horns
    Drop-in hidden, compact, and concealed air horns and horn grills
    Deck Horns
    Electric and air horns for above deck installations

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