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Delta™ Fast-Set Anchors
Cat. No. LEW-DFS
Weight 100 lbs

One-piece manganese steel anchor launches itself!

One-piece manganese steel anchor has very high holding power and structural strength. Balanced to fall unaided from bow rollers, so it’s ideal for use with remotely operated windlasses. Heavy ballast in the toe section ensures that the anchor will engage the seabed upon hitting bottom. Galvanized finish and smooth surfaces. Lifetime warranty against breakage.

  • Style: Non-Hinged Plow
  • Material: Manganese Steel
  • Application: All Bottoms
  • Pros: Strong, one-piece construction. Narrow cross-section shank for deep penetration. Self-launching design makes it ideal for windlasses.
  • Cons: Expensive materials and construction result in moderately high price.
  • Warranty: Lifetime
Description MFG Part #
Delta Plow Anchor - 9lb, Boats 9'-20'  0057404
Delta Plow Anchor - 14lb, Boats 21'-31 0057406
Delta Plow Anchor - 22lb, Boats 25'-41'  0057410
Delta Plow Anchor - 35lb, Boats 35'-52' 0057416
Delta Plow Anchor - 44lb, Boats 40'-58'  0057420
Delta Plow Anchor - 55lb, Boats 45'-64'  0057425
Delta Plow Anchor - 70lb, Boats 65'-68' 0057432
Delta Plow Anchor - 88lb, Boats 45'-64'
Delta Plow Anchor - 110lb, Boats 76'-82' 0057450
Delta Plow Anchor - 140lb, Boats 80'-88' 0057463



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