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Add-On Windshield Washer Kit For Deluxe Style Wiper Arms
Cat. No. 33505
Weight 3 lbs

Complete Windshield Washer Kit for Deluxe Arms 33505

This add-on windshield washer kit can be used on new or existing AFI Deluxe wiper arm and blade sets. The kit includes parts to outfit two wiper arms. Two sprayer fittings each have four adjustable brass nozzles to provide maximum spray coverage for most any windshield. Plastic parts are numbered to make installation easy.

  • Water tank with mounting bracket
  • 12 volt pump motor
  • Under deck tee fitting
  • Thru deck fitting and hardware
  • Below deck clear tubing (16 ft.)
  • Above deck black tubing (6 ft.)
  • Large and small rivet clips
  • Wiper arm clips
  • Sprayer fittings with clamps


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