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Kidder Auto/Marine Extinguisher 2 3/4 lb BC Extinguisher w/Nylon Strap
Cat. No. L-466628MTLK
Weight 4 lbs

Boat fires are a real possibility, so having the right fire extinguisher - like a Mariner, from Kidde - can make the difference between making port or making headlines. Mariner Fire Extinguishers meet U.S. Coast Guard standards for hand-portable extinguishers and are effective on flammable fuels - gas, oil and grease. BC Mariner Fire Extinguishers expel a sodium bicarbonate fire fighting agent that won't fuse with or damage metal surfaces and are especially effective on gasoline or electrical fires. Plus, cleanup is easier and less expensive.

Features and Specifications:

  • Model Number: 21005227
  • UOM: EA
  • Size: 2 3/4 lbs
  • Dimensions: 13.75" H X 3.25" Diameter
  • Technical Data:
    • Model Number: Mariner 10
    • UL Rating: 10-B:C
    • Effective Against Class: BC
    • Shipping: 3.9 lbs
    • Discharge Time: 8 to 12 sec
    • Discharge Range: 6 to 8 ft
    • Operating Pressure: 100 PSI
    • Expellant: Sodium Bicarbonate
    • Cylinder Material: Aluminum
    • Valve Material: Nylon
    • USCG Approval: Yes (when fitted with mounting bracket)
    • USCG Bracket: Supplied with Plastic Strap Bracket (UL Approved)
  • Properties:
    • Suitable for use on Class B (liquids and gases) and Class C fires (energized electrical equipment)
    • Fitted with a pressure gauge that provides at-a-glance status
    • Features bilingual nameplate and carton
    • Clear instruction label using graphics to show steps required to operate extinguisher
    • Easy-to-pull safety pin
    • Powder coated cylinder for corrosion protection
    • USCG, D.O.T. Approved
    • 6 year limited warranty


View M.S.D.S. for this product: KiddeBC.pdf


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