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CT41 Electronic Wiper Switches
Cat. No. EX210341
Weight 2 lbs

The CT41/42 Electronic Wiper Switches control one or two wipers and fit into standard dashboard switching systems (like Carlingswitch). Turn wipers on and off, control speeds (low, high, plus 3 levels of intermittent) and trigger wipe/wash capabiliities all in a tiny package. The CT41 and CT42 compact, stand-alone switches work with Exalto, Coastal Series, W38 and most other popular brands of wiper motors.

The CT41 is a compact, full-function electronic wiper control switch for one wiper, 12/24V

An intelligent wiper switch for one Exalto (or similar) wiper motor.  Control speeds (low, high, 3 levels of intermittent), engage a washing system or simply turn the wiper on and off with these clever new switches that fit into most switchpanel design housings.  Works with  Exalto, IMW, Roca and most other popular brands of wiper motors.

Includes wiring harness for one wiper.

This wiper switch is compatible with the following wiper systems:

Features & Benefits:
  • Easy to install and to use
  • Two continuous speeds
  • Three intermittent speeds
  • Perfect self-parking due to dynamic brake
  • Wipe/Wash program
  • Dimmer input
  • Complete visual indicators ("ON", continuous and intermittent modes)

For complete operating instructions, download the owner's manual to the right.

Product Details
Power Supply: 10-30VDC
Internal Fuse: 4 Amp
Stand-By Current: less than 20mA
Motor Output Current: 4 Amp Max
Working Temperature: -10 to +50 degree C
Storage Temperature: -20 to +70 degree C
Inputs: 1 Parking Signal, Open in Park Position
Outputs: 1 Slow Speed
1 High Speed
1 Wash Pump/Solenoid
Positive Pole
Overall Dimensions (W x H x D): 1 x 2 x 3.5" (24 x 49.5 x 91mm)
Detailed Dimensions: See Dimensional Drawing for full details
Weight: 1.000 lbs.
DownloadsDimensional Drawing (30 KB) 
Wiring Diagram (1 MB) 
Owners Manual (263 KB) 
Commercial Flyer (1 MB) 
Product Sheet (224 KB) 
Product Catalog (5 MB) 


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