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Exide Orbital Marine Starting
Cat. No. ORB34M-36
Weight 10 lbs

Superior Performance. You can't beat the Exide Orbital Marine Starting battery for safe, superior performance. Our Orbital grid technology resists vibration, retains voltage off-season, and is totally maintenance free. And talk about power! The 890 CCA Orbital delivers as much energy in a 5-second crank as a conventional 1000 CCA flat-plate battery. It's spill proof, leak proof, and can deliver full power even when submerged

· Orbital grid design yields durable, reliable and maintenance-free power.
· Completely sealed design is safe -- ideal for closed environments such as boat hulls.
· Superior off-season voltage retention reduces permanent capacity loss.
· Delivers full power even when submerged.
· Absence of free-flowing electrolyte makes the Orbital safer to use and handle.

Exide Select Orbital Sealed VRLA (AGM) Marine Battery - 36 Month Warranty - 12 Volt

BCI Group Size Part Number CCA
0° F
32° F
RC minutes
@ 25 Amps
Dimensions (in.) Unit Value Pallet
Load Qty
27½ in.
Length Width Height
34 ORB34M-36 770 950 95 10-1/8 7 8 1.0 48

Minimum order of 5


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