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DC Master series Stabilized & non galvanic isolated
Cat. No. MV-81400xxx
Weight 4 lbs

DC Master series

  • Recreational and semi-professional use.
  • Easy to install using included mounting bracket.
  • Excellent price/performance ratio.
  • More power available for two minute intervals, ideal for active marine telephone use

81400100  DC Master 24/12-3A
81400200  DC Master 24/12-6A
81400300  DC Master 24/12-12A
81400600  DC Master 48/12-6A
81400700  DC Master 48/12-9A
81400400  DC Master 12/24-3A
81400500  DC Master 12/24-7A
81400600    DC Master 48V / 12V, 6A
81400700    DC Master 48V / 12V, 9A
81400800    DC Master 48/12-20A, 20A


DC Master 24/12-3A



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