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DC Master series Stabilized & galvanic isolated
Cat. No. MV-81500xxx
Weight 3 lbs

DC Master series

  • Recreational and semi-professional use.
  • Easy to install using included mounting bracket.
  • Excellent price/performance ratio.
  • More power available for two minute intervals, ideal for active marine telephone use
81500100    DC Master 24V to 12V, 3A
81500200    DC Master 24V to 12V, 6A
81500300    DC Master 24V to 12V, 12A
81500350    DC Master 24/12-24A, 24A
81500400    DC Master 24V to 24V, 3A
81500500    DC Master 24V to 24V, 7A
81500600    DC Master 12/12-3A, 3A
81500700    DC Master 12/12-3A, 6A


DC Master 24/12-24A (Isolated)



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