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DC Converters Magic
Cat. No. MV-81300xxx
Weight 4 lbs

The difference between our Mac and Magic range of DC-DC converters is the galvanic isolation. This is indicated by the addition of 'gi' in the name Magic compared to Mac.

The converter uses switch-mode technology, which results in a lightweight, safe, reliable and efficient unit. Built in a rugged aluminium extrusion body, the converter is completely shock proof. The unit generates little heat, which makes it easy to find a convenient location for installation. The corrosion-proof casing takes care of cooling together with a temperature-controlled fan. The inlets and outlets feature complete galvanic isolation which makes them completely interference-proof. If you have many power-consuming devices onboard, the parallel use of several units can allow capacities of 40, 60 or more Amps.

The Magic model can be used to operate in step up mode and step down mode. But it brings you even more benefits, like light dimming and battery charging. The output voltage can be controlled by an external button (not supplied) to be use for the dimming of lights. Battery charging is also possible, for example to charge a small 12 V battery bank from a large 12 V bank

81300300    Magic 12/24-10 , 10 A
81300400    Magic 12/12-20,  20 A
81300100    Magic 24/12-20,  20 A
81300200    Magic 24/24-20,  20 A


  General specifications  Magic 12/24-10 Magic 12/12-20
Magic 24/12-20
Magic 24/24-20
  Nominal output voltage

27.2 V

13.6 V
27.2 V
  Nominal input voltage



90% %

  Galvanic isolation



anodised aluminum (ABS blend)

  Dimensions, hxwxd

227x154x81 mm


1.8 kg

  Max. output current

10 A

20 A
  Technical specifications 
  3-Step charge option


  Temperature range (ambient temp.)

0-40 °C

  Temperature range (storage/non operating)

-25 to 85 °C

  Max. relative humidity (non condensing)


  Protection degree


  Output charge current (3-step mode)

8 A

16 A
  Nominal output power

270 W

540 W
  No-load consumption

<115mA W

  Max. output power

300 W

580 W
  Output dimmer range

8-26 V

4-13 V
8-26 V
  Output voltage ripple (peak peak)

max. 1%

  Output voltage selectable range

24-28.5 V

12-15 V
24-28.5 V
  Output voltage stabilization


  Alarm contact


  Input range (3-step charge mode)

12-16 V

24-32 V
  Input range (no defects)

0-17.5 V

0-35 V

QRS 232


screw terminals (max. wire size 16 mm2/AWG5)

  Dimmer function


  Default input voltage cut off

10 V

20 V
  Default input voltage cut off time delay

30 s°


Magic 12/12-20



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