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Side-Power 160 Hydraulic Thruster, Twin 5-bladed Prop, Sealed Gearleg, 215mm Tunnel
Cat. No. SM125TI24
Weight 23 lbs

SH160/215T Hydraulic Thruster, U-06, Twin 5-bladed Prop, Sealed Gearleg, 215mm Tunnel
Our latest hydraulic thruster fits in our newest tunnel size (8.5"). The SH160/215T series is a perfect solution for mid-sized yachts (35-62') looking for a hydraulic thruster solution.

SH160 Hydraulic Thruster with Parker Ultra Motor , Max. Thrust 160kg/352lbs, Sealed Gearleg, Twin 5-Bladed Q-Props

Side-Power's SH160 can be installed as a bow or stern thruster, allowing improved control of the vessel.  The five blade Q-Props are designed to maximize thrust from the given tunnel size while reducing noise.  The thruster is typically part of a Side-Power engineered hydraulic system; however, it can be matched to an existing hydraulic system.


Features & Benefits

  • Wide range of hydraulic motor sizes and types to optimize performance of the thruster unit
  • Unlimited run time at any thrust level, including max thrust
  • Reduced long term maintenance when compared to DC or AC thrusters
  • Improved maaximum thrust based on tunnel size
  • Total integration into any hydraulic system or supplied as part of a Side-Power engineered system

Product Details
Light Duty Thrust: 352 lb (160 kg)
Heavy Duty Thrust: 308 lb (140 kg)
Typical Boat Size: 35-62' (11-19 m)
Tunnel Diameter (I.D.): 8.46" (215 mm)
Propulsion System: Twin, 5-bladed Q-Props
Hydraulic Power: Ultra 6cm317.5 hp (13.1 kw)
Ultra  8cm3 13.4 hp (10 kw)
Ultra 10cm3 13.4 hp (10 kw)
Ultra 11cm3 13.4 hp (10 kw)
Ultra 14cm3 13.4 hp (10 kw)
Propeller Output: 14.8 hp (11.0 kw)
Manufacturer: Side-Power
Weight: 23.000 lbs.

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